7th Grade Math Camp Session 1 (July 5 – July 8, 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.)


7th Grade Math Camp Session 1
July 5 – July 8
9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

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We are excited to offer our Math Camp for students in 7th grade! The camp will focus on the curriculum for 7th grade so this camp can be fun new information, information your student will be learning in the coming year.
Session 1: July 5th – July 8th, 9:0 am to 10:30 am!

Learn and review through classroom participation and activities about the following concepts!

We will work on rational numbers, proportions and percent, proportionality in Geometry during this first week of camp! This will give your student a great start to the new school year!
































































































































































































































































































































































































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