ACT/PSAT/SAT FUNDAMENTAL MATH CONCEPTS – Tuesdays, 7:30 – 8:25 p.m.)

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 ACT/PSAT/SAT Fundamental Math Concepts
This course can be started at any time!
Tuesdays, 7:30 – 8:25 p.m.
Materials will be provided

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Weekly session covering the ACT/PSAT/SAT fundamental math concepts found on the test, Tuesdays 7:30 – 8:25 pm.
Math Fundamentals can be started at any time!

This weekly course focuses solely on these crucial and fundamental math concepts, as a solid understanding of these concepts is essential to score well on the ACT/PSAT/SAT. Reviewing and practicing 2-3 concepts each week will build the needed skills to conquer this section. Learning the foundational skills will best prepare students for the ACT/PSAT/SAT Math Subject Session and Test Prep Weekly Session, where the tips and strategies for the math section are taught.

Improvement comes with practice! Wondering how much practice you’ll need for a certain increase in your score? Here’s an estimate for the SAT:

0-30 SAT Composite Point Improvement: 10 hours
30-70 Point Improvement: 20 hours
70-130 Point Improvement: 40 hours
130-200 Point Improvement: 80 hours
200-330 Point Improvement: 150 hours+

And here’s an estimate for the ACT:

0-1 ACT Composite Point Improvement: 10 hours
1-2 ACT Point Improvement: 20 hours
2-4 ACT Point Improvement: 40 hours
4-6 ACT Point Improvement: 80 hours
6-9 ACT Point Improvement: 150 hours+

All materials will be provided!

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