Welcome to Chelsea Hall, where academic success becomes a reality! Our tutoring center was established with a passion for empowering students and is a hub of learning excellence. Chelsea Hall Academic Learning Center is unique in more ways than one!

Welcome to Chelsea Hall: Where Academic Success Becomes Reality for 6th – 12th Grade Students!

Tailored Tutoring and Academic Support to Propel Your Success and Build a Brighter Future!

Chelsea Hall is more than just a tutoring center; it’s a place where students unlock their full academic potential. Established with a passion for empowering students, we are a hub of learning excellence dedicated to fostering success across various subjects and grade levels.

Unlock Your Academic Potential

Our passionate educators, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, support students through engaging weekly group tutoring sessions tailored to individual needs. Chelsea Hall guides your academic journey, whether you aim to conquer challenging subjects, prepare for standardized tests, or enhance your understanding of key concepts.

A Dynamic Learning Environment

At Chelsea Hall, we create a collaborative learning environment that helps students develop essential study skills, critical thinking abilities, and a lifelong love for learning. We foster a positive atmosphere that encourages curiosity and intellectual growth, making us more than just a tutoring center but a vibrant community dedicated to your success.

Personalized Academic Support

Our members reinforce their school learning within a supportive academic system. Students collaborate with peers and master class material in small group study sessions. They can also study individually or with friends in our Study Hall, with guidance from our dedicated tutors. Our Test Review Cram Sessions provide an extra boost to achieve success.

Your Journey Toward Academic Excellence

Whether you’re aiming for top grades, preparing for college admissions, or seeking homework assistance, Chelsea Hall has the expertise to guide you. Join us and embark on a journey toward academic success. Your success is our mission, and we’re excited to be part of your educational story.

Contact Us Today

Parents, contact us today to learn how Chelsea Hall can support your child’s academic journey. Visit us or reach out now to discover the difference a dedicated educational community can make. Your child’s future starts here!

Our Offerings Include:

  • Group Study Sessions
  • Quiz and Test Review Cram Sessions
  • Study Hall
  • PreACT/PSAT/SAT/ACT Test Prep
  • College Readiness Planning

Our offerings include Group Study Sessions, Quiz and Test Review Cram Sessions, Study Hall, PreACT/PSAT/SAT/ACT Test Prep, and College Readiness Planning.

What the parents have to say:

“Chelsea Hall has been and is a God-send! SO thankful for their continued support of my children as they navigate their college preparation journey. Whether be it College Application Protocol or College Pathway Complete Program, they have programs and classes to match each child’s specific needs as well as parents’ budgets. Furthermore, they follow up with the students, holding them accountable to deadlines for every stage, from test prep, building resumes, deciding on schools to apply to, and their actual college applications. I for one am amazed at how determined and confident they are at tackling this once daunting process.”
N.K., Southlake

“Chelsea Hall has been a wonderful experience for my 6th grader. Ms. Victoria helps my daughter weekly with her math, social studies, and language arts. My daughter’s grades have improved significantly, and she is no longer frustrated with her homework.”

D.C., Southlake

“We have seen a lot of improvement with our daughter since she began tutoring sessions (chemistry) with Ms. Scott. Her test grades have improved, and she is more confident in class. Kaitlyn truly enjoys her time with Ms. Scott.”C.O., Southlake

“Ms Scott is a great tutor because she always makes sure I understand what I’m learning before we move on to the next thing. She is kind, patient, and very understanding. She was my first one-on-one tutor, and I’ve been going to her for almost a year now.”
K.O., Southlake

I can’t thank you enough for setting up a session for my daughter!  It was so helpful and she left feeling comfortable and confident with her understanding of precalculus!  Both of my girls have benefited greatly from various tutoring sessions offered at Chelsea Hall over the years, and I love the options you provide. 
J.L.., Southlake

Group Study Sessions

Engage, Learn, and Excel with Chelsea Hall’s Expert Tutoring Services


At Chelsea Hall, our dedicated educators assist students across various subjects and grade levels. Through engaging weekly small group sessions, we focus on current class material, helping students master challenging subjects, prepare for standardized tests, and solidify key concepts.

  • Join a Vibrant Learning Community
    Chelsea Hall is more than a tutoring center; it’s a vibrant community that celebrates achievements and fosters curiosity and intellectual growth. Our collaborative environment nurtures essential study skills, critical thinking, and a love for learning.
  • Comprehensive Academic Support
    Our academic support system includes weekly small group study sessions that align with classroom teaching. Students delve into current material with guidance from our dedicated tutors, ensuring they stay on track and excel.
  • Achieve Your Academic Goals
    Whether you aim for academic excellence, college admissions, or need homework assistance, Chelsea Hall provides the expertise to guide you. Join us and experience the transformative impact of our tutoring programs.


View our Southlake Weekly Group Session Schedule.

View our Colleyville Weekly Group Session Schedule.

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Elevate Your Exam Readiness with Chelsea Hall’s Test Review Cram Sessions

Achieve exam success with our Test Review Cram Sessions, your strategic pathway to excellence! Designed for maximum efficiency, these sessions offer a focused review of key concepts and proven strategies. Led by experienced instructors, our cram sessions help you understand critical exam content while honing your time management skills and boosting your confidence.

Why Choose Our Cram Sessions?

  • Focused Learning: The condensed format ensures you grasp essential information quickly, making it perfect for busy schedules.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned instructors who provide insights into exam content and effective test-taking techniques.
  • Competitive Edge: Gain a deeper understanding of the material and approach test day with confidence and assurance.

Experience the benefits of targeted preparation and set yourself up for success. Don’t just review; cram smartly with our tailored sessions for a test-ready triumph!

Available to Local Students

Cram Sessions are available to all Carroll, Westlake, Grapevine/Colleyville, and Keller ISD students! These sessions are added to the Chelsea Hall calendar each week when quiz, test, or exam dates are announced in class.

If you don’t see a review session on our website, email us the upcoming test day, subject, and unit, and we’ll add one!

Parents, we encourage you to register your child with us today and experience the difference our tutoring programs can make. Visit or contact us now to learn more about how we can support your student’s academic journey! 

Study Hall

Welcome to Our Study Hall – Where Academic Empowerment Meets Collaborative Learning!

Our Study Hall is a dynamic space designed to inspire academic excellence and foster a sense of community. Here, students can tackle homework, reviews, projects, and more with the support of expert tutors. Engage in focused study time, receive personalized assistance, and benefit from the collective knowledge of our dedicated tutors and staff.

Experience the Benefits of Our Study Hall:

  • Supportive Environment: Our Study Hall provides a nurturing space where students can work on assignments and projects with guidance from expert tutors.
  • Personalized Assistance: Receive one-on-one help to master challenging subjects and excel in your studies.
  • Collaborative Learning: Benefit from the collective knowledge of peers and tutors, encouraging productive group projects and discussions.
  • Flexible Access: For a low monthly membership fee, you can enjoy access to Chelsea Hall’s facility five days a week (Sunday through Thursday).

Elevate your learning experience and embark on a journey of academic achievement in our enriching Study Hall environment. Parents, register your child today and witness the transformative impact of our tutoring programs. Visit or contact us now to learn more!


ACT/PSAT/SAT Preparation

Unlock Your Full Potential with Our ACT, PSAT, and SAT Prep Programs!

Transformative Test Preparation for ACT, PSAT, and SAT Success

Discover the transformative power of our dynamic ACT, PSAT, and SAT preparation programs! Engaging in our comprehensive prep courses brings multifaceted benefits to students. Our programs enhance subject knowledge, equip students with invaluable test-taking strategies, bolster time management skills, and boost confidence. Students approach these standardized tests with assurance by mastering exam formats, question types, and pacing, ultimately enhancing their performance.

Why Choose Our Test Prep Programs?

  • Comprehensive Subject Reviews: Enhance your understanding of key concepts and subjects covered in the exams.
  • Invaluable Test-Taking Strategies: Learn techniques to tackle different question types and manage your time effectively.
  • Boost Confidence: Build the confidence needed to excel on test day through practice and preparation.
  • Master Exam Formats: Familiarize yourself with the structure and format of the ACT, PSAT, and SAT.
  • Achieve Your Dream Scores

Effective test preparation not only improves scores but also opens doors to higher education opportunities, scholarships, and competitive academic programs. Investing in ACT, SAT, and PSAT test preparation empowers students to showcase their academic abilities optimally, paving the way for a successful educational journey.

Holistic and Personalized Test Prep

Our test prep offerings go beyond the ordinary, ensuring a holistic and personalized approach to acing ACT, PSAT, and SAT exams. Picture this: weekly group sessions where students engage in comprehensive subject reviews, refine test-taking strategies, and benefit from invaluable peer interactions. Need an extra boost before test day? Our specialized cram sessions provide intensive reviews of key concepts and practice tests, perfect for sharpening skills and boosting confidence.

“Thanks to the course, I was able to score 1500 and earn admission to the University of Chicago, which was my top choice. One of the things I appreciated most about the course was the help it provided with the reading section. I always struggled with this portion of the test, but the Chelsea Hall prep course provided me with helpful strategies and techniques to improve.”
A.P., Dallas

“I started with an SAT score of 1480 but wanted to reach at least 1500. With Chelsea Hall’s help, I scored 1520! The tutors were very engaged and helpful. I couldn’t have done it without their help.”
A.M., Southlake

“My tutoring at Chelleaa was incredibly beneficial. My tutor was amazing and helped me go from my average diagnoostic score to a 1510 on my first time taking the SAT. I loved workiing wth the people at Chelsea Hall. and am so gratefull foor their help!”
S.P., Dallas

ACT Test Dates

SAT Test Dates

Planning is essential for ACT/PSAT/SAT success as it allows students to structure their preparation effectively, ensuring a thorough review of content and strategic practice. We provide personalized planning, tailoring study schedules to individual strengths and weaknesses. By identifying goals, allocating time wisely, and incorporating targeted strategies, we guide students through a systematic approach that maximizes their readiness for the ACT/PSAT/SAT. With our support, students can navigate the vast array of study materials, practice tests, and resources, streamlining their preparation journey for optimal results on test day.

Start Planning

Events, Workshops, and Community Programs

Discover the Excitement of Monthly Events at Chelsea Hall!

Experience the excitement of monthly events at Chelsea Hall, where we’re dedicated to enriching your academic journey and college preparation! These events are a vital part of the Chelsea Hall experience, offering essential guidance on college applications and admissions with expert tips from our lecturers. They also empower high school students to excel academically, featuring insights and advice from our passionate student tutors, teachers, and staff members.

Transform Your Academic Journey

Our past events cover a diverse range of topics, including:

  • ACT vs SAT: Understand the differences and decide which test is right for you.
  • Navigating FAFSA and Financial Aid Applications: Get expert help to secure your financial future.
  • College Application Workshops: Learn how to stand out in the competitive application process.
  • Effective Note-Taking Strategies: Master techniques to enhance your study sessions.
  • Crafting Compelling College Essays: Write essays that capture your unique story and impress admissions officers.
  • Mastering Scholarship Applications: Increase your chances of earning valuable scholarships.

Join Us and Thrive!

Join us at Chelsea Hall and seize these enriching opportunities to thrive in your academic journey and beyond. Prepare for success with us—your gateway to academic excellence and college readiness awaits!





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