Brett Pollock

  • AP Human, AP US History, and AP Euro
  • Teacher at Carroll High School

Jessi Valles

  • Algebra 1 tutor
  • TeacherĀ at Carroll High School

Clifton Noel

  • All levels of Math and Physics tutor
  • B.S in Physics with a minor in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington
  • Favorite number is 3 + 4i

Valerie Darrah

  • Spanish tutor
  • 14 years of experience teaching Spanish at the middle school and high school levels

Max Parker

  • Happiness Generator
  • Stress Relief Pup

Aatu Nieminen

  • PreAP Precalculus, Honors Calculus, AP Calculus A/B & B/C
  • Math and Engineering at UT Dallas. Carroll HS Graduate

Rosana Barbosa

  • Spanish All Levels, AP & PreAP
  • Spanish Teacher at Carroll High School

Bonnie McLaughlin

  • AP Social Studies Teacher at Keller High School
  • Works for AP College Board as Table Leader
  • Masters in History, MSU

Daphne Barnard

  • PreAP Chemistry, Chemistry
  • Former Carroll High School Science Teacher. Chelsea Hall Programs Director

Collin Matz

  • University of Texas at Dallas- Computer Science
  • Keller High School
  • Math, Science, and Computer Science Tutor

Mary Blakemore

  • Director
  • B.A in International Studies with a minor in Business from Texas A&M Univerisity
  • Test Prep, College Application Counseling

Debbie Crowder

  • AP Biology, PreAP Biology
  • AP Biology Teacher at Keller Central High School

Julie McCurley

  • Biology, Pre-AP Biology, and Chemistry tutor
  • TeacherĀ at Carroll High School

Helen Scott

  • BA in biology and minors in chemistry, social sciences, and secondary education
  • Can tutor any level of biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as algebra, pre-algebra, and college counseling
  • I almost died scuba diving with sharks and I have a pet longhorn

Emmanuel Madrid

  • Spanish Tutor (All Levels)
  • Teacher at Carroll High School

Faith Boaz

Penni Nickles

  • AP Psychology, English and Language Arts
  • Teacher at Harmony Science Academy
  • Masters in psychology

Anish Talsania

Rheagan Humphrey

  • Bachelor’s degree in English
  • Master’s degree in Liberal Studies
  • Doctoral student at SMU
  • Registrar at West Coast University

Scott Palmer

  • B.A. In History and Slavic Languages & Literatures – University of Kansas
  • Ph.D. in Russian History – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • All levels/areas of History, Geography, English, Literature, and Writing

Leesa Palmer

  • Has taught English, French, and Journalism for over 20 years
  • Graduated from the University of Kansas

John Specht

Alfred DiBernarda

  • Studying for PhD in History
  • Air Force Veteran

Hamzah Abedeluahab

  • Graduated from UNT Health Science Center with Masters in Medical Science

Abdullah Shahid

Scott Dunagan

  • Focused on student success
  • Creative and engaging approach

Carmen Schulz

Elena Freeh

  • Dedicated to students’ success
  • Innovative in teaching approach
  • Create positive learning environment

Stephanie Strike

  • Graduated from Midwestern State University and A&M Commerce University.
  • Tutors Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics, Environmental Science, and 6-8 Science
  • Fun fact: I like spiders.

Victoria James